Why I Moved to South East Asia

Do you ever feel like things are "okay" but not quite right? Like something is off but you can't put your finger on it. That's how I've felt for the last two years (thanks, motherhood!). 

Around July 2017, I had this thought, "If I were to write a book about my life, all I could say is that I studied hard, worked hard, and had a baby. That'd be a boring ass book!" Right then and there, I decided that I needed to live life and create memories!

Looking back, I've spent the majority of the last 5+ years behind a computer. During trips, on weekends, and throughout being a new mom. My life became work and once I had a baby, and couldn't work, everything came crashing down. 

So, now I'm in Bali. I wake up to a smiling baby, we leave the house multiple times per day to be outside. I'm discovering who I am and what I like. I'm working a little bit less. I actually have some hobbies. I'm recovering amazingly from adrenal fatigue. And, most importantly, I'm happier. 

So, to answer the question, I moved to SE Asia to have a better quality of life and to make memories that didn't solely involve being behind a computer. Also, you can't beat the cost of living compared to Los Angeles and Seattle (where I'm from and previously lived).